Photo of Jack Deaton and Bertha Turner

Photo was taken in the home Jack & Ida’s home in Altro, Ky.

My Grandfather “Poppy” and my Great-Grandmother BerthaJack Deaton & Bertha Turner


The Deaton Name

The Deaton name started in Ditton, Shropshire England. Another way to spell it was Deighton.  The Deatons came to Clay County, Ky, now known as Breathitt, before 1820. Clay County was split into parts of several counties and Breathitt County was formed in 1839. There were Deatons in Owsley, Perry and Breathitt Counties.  John and Malinda Deaton were the parents of 10 sons and 3 daughters.

This was the front page of family tree, provided to me by Cindy (Sederberg) Deaton.

Memory of Ida Mae (Turner) Deaton & Jack Deaton

They were my grandparents and I always called them Grammy and Poppy. I remember back in the 70’s they had a CB radio in the kitchen next to the old rotary phone that hung on the wall with a cable that stretched all the way across the living room and out to the porch. You had to watch it when walking through the living room if they were talking to someone while sitting on the front porch. If Grammy knew you were coming, your favorite foods would be cooked and sitting on the kitchen table when you arrived.

I remember riding in the back of the yellow 1972 Ford truck while they drove us over to Buckhorn Lake to swim.